Bluefin Dinner Menu

FRESH CATCH * | MKT chef recommends grilled, blackened or pan seared AHI TUNA * | 19.8 chef recommends grilled, blackened or pan seared RED RAINBOW TROUT * | 22.8 chef recommends lightly seasoned and pan seared SALMON * | 18.9 chef recommends grilled or blackened SEA SCALLOPS * | 19.8 chef recommends seared WHOLE MAINE LOBSTER | MKT Delights Sides Scratch-made S A U C E S BUTTER BRAISED TOMATO SAUCE (GF) GINGER SOY REDUCTION (V) LEMON BUTTER (GF) (V) MANGO SALSA & DARK RUM BUERRE BLANC (GF) (V) GARLIC TARRAGON BUTTER SAUCE (GF) (V) served with your choice of two sides and one of our scratch-made sauces. P L A T E S F ish TRIPLE CHOCOLATE LAYERED CAKE (V) | 9.5 SEA SALT CARAMEL CHEESECAKE (V) | 8.6 BOURBON PECAN PIE (V) | 8.7 VANILLA BEAN CRÈME BRÛLÉE (GF) (V) | 8.5 KEY LIME PIE (V) | 8.7 FRENCH CUT CHICKEN BREAST | wood-fired, asparagus, goat cheese au gratin, roasted chicken jus 15.9 (GF substitutes rice or roasted garlic mash for au gratin) LUMP CRAB CAKES | house-made lump crab cakes, remoulade, seasoned rice, seasonal vegetables 21.7 HERB ROASTED PORK CHOP 12 OZ * (GF) | wood-fired, roasted garlic mash potatoes, asparagus, creamy chèvre sauce 21.6 5 OZ FILET & TARRAGON SHRIMP * (GF) | wood-fired, creamy garlic tarragon butter sauce, roasted garlic mash potatoes, asparagus 24.8 substitute shrimp for: fresh salmon +7 / lump crab cake +6 / fresh ahi tuna +8 5 OZ FILET WITH MUSHROOMS * | aged center cut filet, wood-fired, roasted wild mushrooms, sherry cream sauce, roasted garlic mash potatoes, seasonal vegetables 23.9 10 OZ N.Y. STRIP * (GF) | center cut, wood-fired, roasted bacon brussels sprouts, goat cheese au gratin 26.9 FRIED SHRIMP PLATTER | 8 large shrimp, seasoned fries, coleslaw, cocktail sauce 17.5 Entrées Specialty P lates AHI TUNA PEPPER STEAK * (GF) | fresh ahi tuna, cracked black pepper, roasted wild mushrooms, roasted garlic mash potatoes, creamy garlic tarragon butter sauce, toasted sesame 21.8 LEMON BUTTER BAKED COD (GF) | seasoned rice, asparagus 16.9 CRAB STUFFED SHRIMP | lump crab-stuffed shrimp, lemon beurre blanc, fried capers, seasoned rice, seasonal vegetables 19.5 COCONUT HADDOCK (GF) | seasoned rice, grilled asparagus, mango salsa & dark rum beurre blanc 19.6 FISH & CHIPS | red beer battered haddock, fries, slaw 18.9 MUSTARD ENCRUSTED SALMON * | mustard infused panko, garlic aioli, roasted garlic mash potatoes, roasted bacon brussels sprouts 20.6 SCALLOP FETTUCCINI | fresh sea scallops, fettuccini, spinach, tomato, creamy garlic tarragon butter sauce 19.5 BLUEFIN PESCATORE | shrimp, fresh sea scallops, mussels, bluefin tuna, fresh basil, butter braised tomato sauce, fettuccini 20.8 GARLIC BUTTER SHRIMP SAUTÉE | sautéed shrimp, tarragon butter, lemon juice, white wine, angel hair, shaved parmesan 18.6 Pasta D6.2020 add baby greens salad +2 roasted bacon brussels sprouts (GF) | 3.9 seasonal vegetables (GF) (V) | 3.9 asparagus (GF) (V) | 3.9 roasted garlic mash potatoes (GF) (V) | 3.8 seasoned rice (GF) | 3.6 bay fries (V) | 2.9 slaw (GF) (V) | 3.1 goat cheese au gratin (V) | 4.2 baby greens salad (V) (GF) | 2