Bluefin Brunch & Lunch Menu

Desserts TRIPLE CHOCOLATE LAYERED CAKE (V) | 9.5 SEA SALT CARAMEL CHEESECAKE (V) | 8.6 BOURBON PECAN PIE (V) | 8.7 VANILLA BEAN CRÈME BRÛLÉE (GF & V) | 8.5 KEY LIME PIE (V) | 8.7 TODAY’S FRESH CATCH * | MKT chef recommends grilled, blackened or pan seared AHI TUNA * | 20.8 chef recommends grilled, blackened or pan seared RED RAINBOW TROUT * | 22.8 chef recommends lightly seasoned and pan seared SALMON * | 19.5 chef recommends grilled or blackened SEA SCALLOPS * | 19.8 chef recommends seared served with your choice of two sides and one of our scratch-made sauces Pasta SCALLOP FETTUCCINI | fresh sea scallops, fettuccini, spinach, tomato, creamy garlic tarragon butter sauce 20.5 BLUEFIN PESCATORE shrimp, fresh sea scallops, mussels, bluefin tuna, fresh basil, butter braised tomato sauce, fettuccini 21.8 GARLIC BUTTER SHRIMP SAUTÉE sautéed shrimp, tarragon butter, lemon juice, white wine, angel hair, shaved parmesan 18.6 Lunch Entrees FRENCH CUT CHICKEN BREAST | wood-fired, grilled asparagus, goat cheese au gratin, roasted chicken jus 18.5 (GF substitutes rice or roasted garlic mash for au gratin) LUMP CRAB CAKES | house-made lump crab cakes, remoulade, seasoned rice, seasonal vegetables 21.7 COCONUT HADDOCK (GF) | seasoned rice, grilled asparagus, mango salsa & dark rum beurre blanc 20.6 FISH & CHIPS | red beer battered haddock, fries, slaw 18.9 5 OZ FILET WITH MUSHROOMS * aged center-cut filet, wood-fired, roasted wild mushrooms, sherry cream sauce, roasted garlic mash potatoes, seasonal vegetables 23.9 LEMON BUTTER BAKED COD (GF) seasoned rice, grilled asparagus 17.8 SHRIMP & AVOCADO BOWL | blackened shrimp, avocado, roasted corn, tomato, cilantro, rice, avocado sour cream 14.5 L10.2020 Sandwich P lates All sandwich plates are served with bay fries All sandwiches available with a Gluten-Free bun +1.00 PESTO JACK CHICKEN | (wood-fired or blackened) applewood smoked bacon, jack cheese, basil pesto aioli, lettuce, tomato, onion, potato bun 12.8 BLACKENED HADDOCK | lettuce, tomato, onion, smoked aioli, toasted baguette 15.8 FRESH TUNA MELT | tuna salad, tomatoes, aged cheddar cheese, toasted baguette 13.5 WAGYU BURGER * | wood-fired, lettuce, tomato, onion, potato bun 14.5 CRUNCHY FISH TACOS | seared cod, sesame slaw, pickled red onions, sesame thai aioli, mandoline cucumbers, green onions, seasoned rice 12.9 CHICKEN AVOCADO WRAP | seasoned chicken, field greens, tomato, bacon, avocado, pesto ranch 13.1 LOBSTER ROLL | north atlantic lobster meat, buttery split top bun 16.5 Salads CAPRESE SALAD (GF & V) fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, field greens, cracked black pepper, basil oil, balsamic reduction 13.9 SESAME SEARED AHI * fresh sliced tuna, asian slaw, carrot miso ginger dressing, banana chips, fresh bananas, toasted sesame, toasted cashews, scallions, thai aioli, fried tortilla 16.5 RED CREEK SALAD (GF & V) whole maraschino poached pear, field greens, jicama, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, orange segments, citrus vinaigrette 13.2 CALAMARI SALAD field greens, toasted cashews, roasted red peppers, banana ginger dressing, fresh bananas, bananas chips, sesame dipping sauce 16.9 PESTO COBB (GF) field greens, hass avocado, tomato, onion, smoked corn, egg, applewood smoked bacon, jack cheese, cucumber, pesto ranch 11.7 (V) without bacon with chicken 13.5 Cold Water C A T C H WHOLE MAINE LOBSTER | MKT KING CRAB | MKT 1LB SNOW CRAB | 33.5 8 OZ LOBSTER TAIL | 32.9 served with drawn butter and your choice of two sides Fresh F ish BUTTER BRAISED TOMATO SAUCE (GF) GINGER SOY REDUCTION (V) LEMON BUTTER (GF & V) MANGO SALSA & DARK RUM BUERRE BLANC (GF & V) GARLIC TARRAGON BUTTER SAUCE (GF & V) SCRATCH-MADE SAUCES Sides roasted bacon brussels sprouts (GF) | 3.9 seasonal vegetables (GF & V) | 3.9 asparagus (GF & V) | 3.9 roasted garlic mash potatoes (GF & V) | 3.8 seasoned rice (GF) | 3.6 bay fries (V) | 2.9 slaw (GF & V) ) | 3.1 goat cheese au gratin (V) | 4.2