Bluefin Brunch Lunch Menu

FRENCH TOAST BRÛLÉE (V) | caramelized banana, vanilla bean creme anglaise 12.9 LUMP CRAB CAKE SINGLE BENE* | seasoned lump crab blend, poached egg, wilted spinach, english muffin, tomato, fried capers, herb hollandaise, breakfast potatoes 14.5 +6 additional crab cake bene AVOCADO SINGLE BENE* | toasted baguette, tomato, poached egg, chipotle hollandaise, grilled watermelon 11.9 / +4 additional avocado bene BLUEFIN SINGLE BENE* | poached egg, canadian bacon, spinach, english muffin, herb hollandaise, breakfast potatoes 11.9 / +4 additional bluefin bene LOCAL SHRIMP & GRITS | Congaree and Penn Farm purple grits, blackened shrimp, andouille sausage, topped with tomato cream sauce & green onions 18.9 THE BBT OMELETTE (GF) | bacon, charred andouille, peppers, pickled onions, fresh spinach, roasted wild mushrooms, cheddar & jack cheeses, butter braised tomato sauce, breakfast potatoes 14.9 VEGETABLE EGG WHITE OMELETTE (GF & V) onions, peppers, wild mushrooms, tomato, cheddar, breakfast potatoes 12.9 BLUE OMELETTE (GF) | charred andouille, lump crab blend, onions, peppers, aged cheddar, avocado, fried capers, remoulade, breakfast potatoes 16.5 SEAFOOD QUICHE | sweet shrimp and crab, creamy custard in a deep-dish pie 16.5 CALIFORNIA BURRITO | andouille sausage, bacon, egg, mixed cheese, avocado pico, hash browns, pickled onion, chipotle hollandaise, avocado sour cream 13.9 BENEDICT BRISKET BURGER* | wood-fired, peppered bacon, poached egg, hollandaise, fresh spinach, toasted potato bun 14.8 breakfast plates (grilled watermelon or breakfast potatoes) BLUEFIN MARY | old bay shrimp, bacon, celery, olive, cocktail onion, lime, old bay rim 11 PEPPERED BACON MARY | peppered bacon, marinated artichoke, garlic stuffed olives 10 PEACH BELLINI MIMOSA peach schnapps, orange juice, champagne, mixed berries garnish 7 HAWAIIAN MIMOSA malibu coconut rum, champagne, fresh pineapple juice, cranberry juice, fresh orange slice, mixed berries 8 mornIng cocktails B R U N C H S AT U R DAY S & S U N DAY S 9 : 0 0 A M - 2 : 3 0 P M *We use nuts and nut based oils in our food. If you are allergic to nuts, or any other foods, please let your server know. Our food contains or may contain undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, oysters or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.